Every LSI open gun comes equipped with an unlimited amount of options. LSI builds all guns to competition quality along with top of the line parts. Each and every gun that leaves LSI is customized to the customers request upon ordering.



  • LSI 4140 Steel Frame (serial # of your choice)
  • ​Caspian Slide
  • LSI 17-4 Stainless Grip (texture of your choice)
  • Flat Top or Tri-top
  • Custom slide serrations of your choice
  • Briley or KKM barrelLSI 3 Port Compensator ( stainless steel or titanium)
    • ​​SV Hybrid w/ popper holes +$300.00**
  • LSI Ambi Thumb Safety
  • SV Trigger Bow with Insert if your choice 
  • Dawson Posi Lock mag release
  • Dawson Ice Magwell
  • EGW HD Extractor and Ejector
  • McLearn XL Firing PiN
  • Brazos ZigRacker Slide Racker
  • Extreme Engineering Trigger Group (Hammer, Sear, Disconnector)
  • ​Allchin Scope Mount w/ Slide Ride C-more
    • RTS2 +$300.00**
    • Delta Point Pro +$400.00​**

**Includes ONE 140mm Magazine**